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Leadership Team

 Pastor Jen Pasquale

Jacqueline Were

Ben & Anoja Joseph

Solome Wossene

Mary Kiarie

& many Ministry Team Captains

Friday at 19:00  

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Women of Worth


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Email us at if you're interested in connecting!

Saturday at 16:30  

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& Young Adults

Alex Barnes & team

email for more info.  We will get you connected!

Our Connect Group ministry has moved online during covid.  Join us!


What is a Connect Group?
A Connect Group is a  group of people that currently meet throughout the week,  connecting people to God and each other through fellowship and faith building activities!  People sharing  LIFE together!


What takes place?

Life is experienced together by meeting new people, fellowship, friendship building and caring for one another through prayer, fellowship and community engagement.


Who can come?

Anyone!  People looking for a friend group to connect with.  New to the city, we have a group for you! People interested in finding the answers to life´s questions are welcome to attend. Come join us as we experience life together!

At ICF ROME, we believe that CONNECT Groups are important for our growth in the Christian Life.  This is why we meet regularly in a smaller setting... If you are interested to join a CONNECT Group, please send us a message, we will CONNECT you to the right group!


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