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ICF Rome is committed to
Touching one, Touching Italy, Reaching Nations!  

Our mission is to reach people of all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the city of Rome, in the nation of Italy and to all the world, to encourage spiritual growth in a truly international fellowship and to equip believers to fulfill their God-given purposes and to reach their world with the love of Christ.


Earth is our Mission, Heaven is our prize.

Pastor Jen and her husband of 43 years, Pastor Rick Pasquale began leading the ICF Rome church in 2014.  They have served with the Assemblies of God US and Assemblies of God World Missions for many years.  After a sudden and unexpected brief illness in the summer of 2021, Pastor Rick went to be with Jesus.  Still feeling called to Rome and to the nations since the age of 14, Pastor Jen felt it was God's Divine plan to return to Rome and continue leading the ministries.  On October 3, she was officially re-installed as the ICF Rome Lead Pastor. 

Pastor Jennifer Pasquale


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